Songwriting Challenge



All songs must be original BUT can be collaborated or worked jointly with other authors.


Up to three (3) songs are allowed. Three (3) to five (5) minutes in length. A song must not exceed 5 minutes in length otherwise it will not be accepted and be disqualified.


All songs must be recorded on MP3 or MP4 format only.  Make sure all songs must be converted to the above format before submission.


All handwritten or printed lyrics must be readable. Please proofread and make sure the words are accurate and consistent with the flow of the melody.  (i.e. verse-chorus-verse-chorus-ending) or (verse-chorus-verse-chorus-chorus-ending) or (verse-chorus-verse-bridge-chorus-end) or (verse 1–verse 2–verse-3–verse 4–ending) or (verse 1-verse 1-chorus-chorus-ending)


Submit all songs to either emails stated below;


Start Date of submission: 

Monday, January 3, 2022

Date of submission:

Sunday, July 3, 2022


Total of ten (10) songs will be selected and a list of winners will be posted on our Website beginning Sunday, September 3, 2022.  (




1. All ten (10) songs that are  rewarded will be published through Digital Distribution for live streaming.


2. You will received free of charge the mixed and mastered of your original song on an MP3 format.


3. You must sign a contract with Gospelove to received 50% of net profit of your own song royalty registered in the digital distribution.


4. FIRST REWARD will received an honorarium of $300.00 (US Dollars)  approximately P15,000.000 (Philippine Peso).


5. SECOND REWARD will received an honorarium  or gift of $200.00 (US Dollars) approximately P10,000.00 (Philippine Peso).


6. THIRD REWARD will received an honorarium or gift of $100.00 (US Dollars) approximately P5,000.00 (Philippine Peso).


7. SEVEN (7) CONSOLATION REWARDS will received an honorarium or gift of $50.00 (US Dollars) approximately P2,500.00 (Philippine Peso).


8. SEVEN (7) SONGS – NO REWARD but will be reviewed and be given consideration for possible recording of one Album compilation, Digital Distribution and be able to received it’s fair share of 50% of net profit of their song(s) royalty(ies).  A conctract must be signed to receive royalty(ies).