Songwriting Challenge



1. All songs must be original BUT can be collaborated or worked jointly with other authors.


2. Song lyrics can be poetic or straight forward but it's biblical implication must be clear, avoid open interpretation or double meaning and with
    context in mind.

3. Up to three (3) songs are allowed. Three (3) to five (5) minutes in length. A song must not exceed 5 minutes in length otherwise it will not be
    accepted and be disqualified.


4. All songs must be recorded on MP3 or MP4 format only.  Make sure all songs must be converted to the above format before submission.

5.  All handwritten or printed lyrics must be readable. Please proofread and make sure the words are accurate and consistent with the flow of the


6. Submit all songs to either emails stated below;



7. Start Date of submission: 

    Monday, January 3, 2022 (Anytime)

    Date of submission:

    Sunday, July 3, 2022 (Midnight PST)


8. Total of ten (10) songs will be selected and a list of winners will be posted on our Website beginning Sunday, September 3, 2022.     

9. All eligible participants will be notified by email, text, or messenger.
    (Suggestion:  Christian Standard Bible, King James, New King James, English Standard Version, New English Translation, New American
    Standard Bible, New World Translation, Good News Translation, God's Word Translation, New International Reader's Version, New Internal
    Version, John MacArthur Study Bible, New Living Translation, The Message, Magandang Balita Biblia, Magandang Balita Bible Revised.
) Choose
    which Bible Version is best for you.

10. (i.e. verse-chorus-verse-chorus-ending) or (verse-chorus-verse-chorus-chorus-ending) or (verse-chorus-verse-bridge-chorus-end) or (verse 1-
     verse2- verse 3- verse 4- ending) or (verse 1-verse 1-chorus-chorus-ending)



1. FIRST PRIZE AWARD will receive a check or cash in the amount of THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS ($300.00 US).

2. SECOND PRIZE AWARD will receive a check or cash in the amount of TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS ($200.00 US).

3. THIRD PRIZE AWARD will receive a check or cash in the amount of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS ($100.00 US).

4. SEVEN (7) CONSOLATION REWARDS will received a gift card with the amount of FIFTY DOLLARS ($50.00 US).

5. SEVEN (7) SONGS – NOT AWARDED  will be reviewed and be given consideration for possible inclusion for a new music album.

6. All ten (10) songs that won the award(s) will be published in hard copies, digital distribution platforms and streaming services.

7. The awardee(s) or recipient of award(s) will receive free of charge the mixed and mastered of their original song(s) on an MP3 format plus 10
    CD's or USB's where their song(s) is included in the album.  

Download PDF : Songwriting Challenge Letter | Rules & Regulations | Awards